Tin cup time

Hello, all, and I really hate to do this, but… for a decade, I had a great job as a content creator for the website for somebody you all would have heard of, but I’m not going to exploit that name. All I’ll say is that the company went tits up, so I wound up going freelance, and creating this site, and doing for it what I used to do for them. And, flash forward, it’s been hard to find a replacement for what I had, so I’m going to be ridiculous and annoying, but that seems to be the state of the art today.

Step One: If you like what I’m writing here, then please go over to that “Tip Jar” link up on the top left, click it, and toss me some dosh.

Step Two: If you need a copy editor, copywriter, or someone who can make your online content sing and sell via SEO power and marketing power and whatever… click that “Content” thing and ask me.

Step Three: If you don’t need any of my above services but like to patronize artists Renaissance style… click and give away.

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