Christmas Countdown, Friday #3

Day 15

We’re back to the next iteration of the day this all started and the theme is All I Want for Christmas Is You. This time, the take is decidedly emo and, while the words are the same, the interpretation has a definite feeling of an implied “or else.” Yes, this is the most stalkerish take on it, courtesy of My Chemical Romance.

Oddly enough, and I didn’t know this until I was putting together this post, the band has a reunion tour that begins in L.A. with an already sold-out concert one week from today. Had I known previously, they would have gotten next week’s slot, but it’s probably better to post them now so that any fans of theirs who missed this news can have a week to feel appropriately sad about it.

The band’s name, by the way, is actually a very literate and thought-out reference that mixes part Elizabethan satire of alchemy and part an older German work that led to what was being satirized in the play in the first place. However, the latter was titled as a “chymical wedding,” not a romance, although the style of literature is allegorical romance. The former only referenced The Alchemist in its title, but didn’t take kindly to them. And there’s the extra layer on top of that… exactly what kind of chemicals is the band referring to in the early 21st century, and do they bring one loved one to another, or is the singer/songwriter in love with the chemical?

Yeah, that’s more unpacking than you’re going to do if you travel home this year for the holidays. Enjoy!

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