Sunday Nibble #32: Can you trust your senses?


A little over five years ago, in much more innocent and less apocalyptic times, the biggest controversy on the internet was this simple question: What color is this dress? This single question caused bigger rifts than the presidential election would in the following year, with only two camps: White and Gold vs. Black and Blue.

Of course, the idea of optical illusions are not new, and some of them can be truly brain-breaking. But the dress illusion really depended on outside factors, like someone’s monitor settings and interior lighting, plain and simple.

But the question today is “Can you trust your ears?” and the boys at ASAP science asked that question almost a year before the whole dress kerfuffle happened. Here’s their video on the subject, and the fascinating part if how much what you see affects what you hear, and vice versa. Enjoy!

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