Sunday Nibble #51: A very special episode


This post will be short and sweet, but a necessary update to all of you, my loyal fans. As of yesterday, I’ve left my job in the exciting world of Medicare Insurance, exactly one-and-a-half years to the day that I started it.

But that’s not bad news because tomorrow I start a new job as the Lead Writer for a digital creative team working for an internet marketing and content company. It’s basically a step up from what I was doing up to a week before I started this site in the first place, so I’ll be back in the saddle again.

The best parts are that it’s 100% remote work, I’ll be making a lot more than in the Medicare job and substantially more than I was in my previous internet content, plus (say it with me) health insurance included!

But there is a downside to it, and it’s this. Since I’m going to be writing content, advertising and promotional materials, brainstorming article ideas for multiple clients, etc., etc., my bandwidth for this site may shrink considerably.

What this means is that I’d love to keep posting daily like I have been for a while, but that may not be possible in the near future. I’ll try to keep installments of The Rêves going until the end, and the Friday Free-For-All questions will keep coming because I enjoy doing those, but as for the rest of it, I’m just not sure.

I may recycle some of my more popular pieces from the past, or resort to short forms or mostly curated content. I don’t know yet, and I won’t know until the next adventure begins tomorrow.

But hang in there with me. This is just another new phase in my life. And the best part is that since I’ll now be home all the time and I’ll have the money again to do it, I think that I just may be bringing a dog back into my life. It’s been nine months tomorrow since Sheeba left me, the longest I’ve been without a dog since I was about nine years old.

When and if that happens, though, it’ll probably become a big focus of my posts.

So hang in there, thank you all for following me, and let’s see what the future brings — although 2021 is already far brighter than 2020, for many reasons.

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