An unpaid plug for a great person

I found out yesterday that my old veterinarian, Dr. Phil Caldwell, has finally published his book, and wanted to give him a plug, especially since today’s podcast is all about my late, great dogs, Dazé, Shadow, and Sheeba

You can find the book at Amazon, The Pet Doctor’s Shoes, in either paperback or Kindle format, or Barnes and Noble, in paperback or for Nook. The title itself is a nice little inside joke for all of us who were his patients in L.A., which I was. Well, two of my dogs were — Shadow and Sheeba.

In fact, he was the only vet that Shadow ever trusted, which is saying a lot. unfortunately (for us) he left L.A. and the practice he’d been with a number of years ago — at least eight, because it was before Shadow got sick.

Luckily (for others) he’s still a vet, working for VCA in Palm Springs.

Dr PhilWhen he left L.A., he sent me an early draft of this book for feedback, and I loved it. His stories are moving and funny and really give a behind-the-scenes look at what Veterinarians have to put up with every day. I encouraged him to pursue it, although didn’t hear anything until now — and suddenly, ta-da! The book is out.

Full disclosure: I am not getting compensated in any way for this and, in fact, paid for the book myself. I just wanted to return a favor to a man who is compassionate, caring, very gentle with animals, and who remembered us all these years later — and who should go on to be the new James Herriot.

That comment is kind of ironic, but you’ll just have to buy and read the book to find out why. Please feel free to share this with friends and animal lovers everywhere.

Images: ©  Dr. Phil Caldwell

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