Sunday Nibble #79: Changing Perceptions


So the very critically acclaimed musical Annette popped up on Amazon Prime recently, and I thought I’d give it a look. And… why not?

It was directed by Leos Carax. I knew him from his very weird but totally engaging film Holy Motors, not to mention that I was a huge fan of his cast members Adam Driver and the always tasty as fuck and snack-size Simon Helberg.

But, as a film fan, here’s the really weird part. Or two. It’s that it took me multiple viewings to get through this film, and the main reason was the music.

Okay, I know that social media and Cannes has been jerking off all over Sparks for the last couple of months, but… sorry. In at least the first act of the film, and in most of the second act as well, they didn’t manage to create any compelling melodies or plot lines, or anything to carry me along.

Bonus points: They created a protagonist who was 100% despicable, made the two leads richer and more successful than fuck L.A. celebs (translation: How to make most of your hometown audience give less than two warm shits about them) and then pulled off an Act II twist that really made us say, “Okay, one down, and… do we care?”

Seriously, it took me five days and lots of pauses to get through this film.

But having gotten to the end, I might just go back and watch again from the beginning. Granted, I still think that the music sucks ass — but the direction and the use of color and the emotional path of the story actually works.

I don’t want to give away too much about the colors because it’s something to discover for yourselves, but think Golden Age comic books.

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