Christmas Countdown, Saturday #3

Christmas Countdown Saturday: Famous Duets, this time featuring Michael Bublé and Rod Stewart.

Day 16

We’re back to the theme of Famous Duets, and this is another odd couple, although probably not as odd as Bowie and Crosby other than it features two singers with very different styles — and one of them was even parodied in an SNL bit from late 2019.

I’m referring to Michael Bublé and Rod Stewart, who recorded a little ditty called Winter Wonderland for Bublé’s NBC holiday special in 2012, “Home for the Holidays.” It’s one of those generic Christmas carols that has somehow become more associated with shopping than anything else.

The song itself was written in 1934 and, while not intended as a Christmas song, ultimately became one. The lyricist, Richard B. Smith, wrote the words while being treated for tuberculosis in, of all places, Scranton, Pennsylvania. (Yeah, nod to fans of the U.S. version of The Office, but to me it’s the city that my mother grew up two suburbs down from, via Wilkes-Barre to Kingston.) Anyway, he was inspired to write it after seeing a town’s central park covered in snow, so it was quite literal.

Also notable here: The song was written as a duet for a couple — presumably, 1934 just assumed a man and a woman. In this version, the lyrics implying this remain unchanged and the duo plays it straight, so to speak.

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