Christmas Countdown, Tuesday #3

Christmas Countdown Tuesday, unconventional versions of carols. Iin this one, the boys from Out of the Blue Oxford sing a song usually sung by a woman, Santa Baby.

Day 19

Here’s another holiday number from the boys from Out of the Blue Oxford, and while it includes a nod to their earlier cover of All I Want for Christmas Is You, they really camp it up here with an all-male rendition of a song that is traditionally sung by a woman, Santa Baby.

Then again, it’s the 21st century and we’re under a month away from starting the second decade of that century (that’s in 2021, it wasn’t in 2020), so to hell with “tradition,” because that’s a thing that doesn’t exist, just something that is constantly recreated.

See the previous entry, check out the next, or take it from the  top.

They’ll probably drop their 2020 Holiday charity single around this time of year, so keep an eye on their official YouTube channel!

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