Sunday Announcement


Due to unforeseen medical circumstances, I may be taking a hiatus from the site, or at least re-running select articles for a while. Note: The medical issue is not related to COVID-19 in any way, as far as I know.

But there are two main issues that leave me in the dark here at the moment.

The first: I don’t have Kaiser medical insurance right now. I had that with a former employer and then via Covered California, and it was great. Of course, Kaiser is a not-for-profit medical group and, while it’s an HMO (which a lot of people hate) I loved it for exactly that reason.

Make an appointment, go to the medical center of your choice, and all of the specialists, diagnostic equipment, and in many cases hospitals, are all right there. So are the lab and pharmacy.

The second: I do have insurance through my employer right now, but the company is in one state and I’m in another. It’s also a PPO, which I don’t have a lot of experience with. I guess the key is making sure that any provider I’m referred to is “in network.” That wasn’t a problem with Kaiser, because if it said that name on the building, then it was in network.

The challenge has been trying to find one provider to start with that is in network, and that search hasn’t been successful. Once I get to that point and get admitted, that’s when I hope that the doctors can get to work and fix things, which aren’t that different than last time.

But I just don’t know yet how long that’s going to take to get the process started. So… I’m going to try to pre-program various existing posts to re-run again for the next couple of weeks. I’ll try to avoid anything that’s too topical, but it’s not always easy.

And, as opportunity presents itself, I will pop in with an update on what’s going on.

Thanks for your understanding and yes, I know — medical care in the U.S. sucks.

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