Christmas Countdown, Thursday #4

Christmas Countdown Thursday: Christmas is Funny, with a little SNL commercial parody bringing an assortment of imagined celebrity songs.

Day 28

Thursday’s theme is Funny Christmas, and while this one isn’t a Christmas carol per se, it’s kind of a meta take on the whole theme, as SNL imagines a whole series of celebrity Christmas songs that, honestly, aren’t all that far-fetched. This dates back to December of 2013, but it’s still relevant today, and seemed most appropriate for Christmas Eve.

It also might be where the inspiration for DMX actually doing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer actually came from.

Of course, SNL has had a long history of doing Christmas episodes and sketches, and this season marks their 44th, which is pretty remarkable if you think about it. Yes, it’s had its ups and downs over the years, but when it nails it with an amazing cast, it really nails it — and this is something that the show seems to manage to do at least around every Presidential election year.

We certainly saw it in the 2019 lead-up to 2020, and then it just exploded in 2020 — no mean feat considering that a lot of the season was performed remotely, with the cast in their own homes, but it still worked.

But… when they’re not doing politics, they’re nailing human foibles and pop culture, which the video below does. Their aforementioned Christmas sketches do, too, and if you’re interested, Refinery 29 has a list of the best of them.

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Christmas Countdown, Thursday #3

Christmas Countdown Thursday: Funny Christmas, in which Al Yankovic performs a very twisted Christmas song live in concert.

Day 21

Thursday’s theme is Funny Christmas, and when you think of funny song parodies, Al Yankovic probably comes to mind. Over the course of at least four decades, he’s consistently turned out amazing takes on major pop songs, with classics like Fat (Michael Jackon’s Bad) and more recent hits like Tacky (Pharrell Williams’ Happy.) He even has an epic setting of the Star Wars saga to Don McLean’s American Pie called The Saga Begins — featuring a rare appearance by a completely clean-shaven Al.

He doesn’t always parody famous song lyrics, though, and his polka mash-ups are a feature of every one of his concerts and albums. And speaking of mash-ups, that brings us to today’s installment, The Night Santa Went Crazy, which incorporates a few songs into a very dark take on the holiday.

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If you’re tacky and you know it… er, happy…

It feels like we’re finally stepping out of a worldwide nightmare. Oh, we’re not out of the woods yet. COVID still rages in the U.S. and abroad, as does a certain recent election loser who cannot accept reality. Beloved celebrities continue to die, not to mention the toughest blows of all in the losses of Ruth Bader Ginsberg and John Lewis — although he may have gotten his posthumous revenge.

So I’m taking a bit of a breather in my busy schedule, and giving you a little moment that is the perfect combination for the Right Now. The original song is Happy by Pharrell Williams, and I think that describes the mood for all of us on the progressive, positive, right side of history.

But I present in its Al Yankovic parody version, Tacky, which describes the behavior we’ve been seeing from a certain (soon to be former) First Family and their enablers of late.

Bonus fun points: This was shot in one take — or there were very clever editing cheats — in a typical downtown L.A. theatre building, meaning five floors up and, though we don’t see it here, five floors down. The cast is also stuffed with some pretty well-known names and faces.


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