Christmas Countdown, Thursday #3

Day 21

Thursday’s theme is Funny Christmas, and when you think of funny song parodies, Al Yankovic probably comes to mind. Over the course of at least four decades, he’s consistently turned out amazing takes on major pop songs, with classics like Fat (Michael Jackon’s Bad) and more recent hits like Tacky (Pharrell Williams’ Happy.) He even has an epic setting of the Star Wars saga to Don McLean’s American Pie called The Saga Begins — featuring a rare appearance by a completely clean-shaven Al.

He doesn’t always parody famous song lyrics, though, and his polka mash-ups are a feature of every one of his concerts and albums. And speaking of mash-ups, that brings us to today’s installment, The Night Santa Went Crazy, which incorporates a few songs into a very dark take on the holiday.

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Plus there’s a Christmas bonus!

Christmas Countdown, Wednesday #3

Day 20

Wednesday is Famous Bands day. So far, we’ve seen Wham! and Lennon and Ono. Next up, it’s the Boss doing an old classic in his unique style. There’s really not much more intro to give it, except that this was recorded live in concert in 2007.

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