Christmas Countdown, Wednesday #2

Christmas Countdown Wednesday: Famous groups. Here’s “Happy Xmas” from John Lennon, Yoko Ono, and the Plastic Ono Band.

Day 13

Wednesday is Famous Bands day, and here’s one of the more famous: John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Officially, it’s John & Yoko/Plastic Ono Band with the Harlem Community Choir and the song’s title is Happy Xmas (War Is Over). It was recorded in 1971, when the Vietnam war was decidedly not over, but not released in the UK until November, 1972. It grew out of Lennon and Ono’s anti-war activism and was sort of a culmination of their efforts, which had begun some time earlier with a series of twelve billboards in various cities that declared, “WAR IS OVER! If you want it — Happy Christmas from John & Yoko.”

Note that the video below was inspired by the billboard. There is an original video version put out at the time of the song, but it contains disturbing wartime footage of the era. You’re free to seek it out if you wish.

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